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How I shade in Paint Tool SAI: Tutorial by ZAFTs-Prince How I shade in Paint Tool SAI: Tutorial by ZAFTs-Prince
Star!Note: I am not a professional artist and I do not claim to know better. (Also note I have dyslexia so expect errors.)

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Okay, I'll try explain it better here in the description ; w ; But this is how I shade when I'm doing the cell shading thingy <: This works by using multiple layers, you can do it all in one go but I find this helps me feel more organized ^^;

Step 1: You'll want to make 2 layers; 1 should have your line art on it and the second should have your base color on it. The base color needs to be on a layer UNDER your line art layer.

Step 2: Next, you'll need to make another layer above your base color layer (So it's sort of sandwiched between your other two layers xD) and once you've done that, you'll need to makes some adjustments to your layer, first set the mode to "Multiply" as illustrated and tick the box that says "Clipping group", that'll make your layer have a pink line next to it, don't worry it's okay! What clipping layer does is basically stop you going 'out of lines', it keeps it neat ~ ! Now that you've set your layer up, take a light purple color (My preference is on the image above!); Shading with purple? irk, fun. You'll when you put some shading onto your shading layer that the color appears darker and that's why we use that color! Using it on all the colors will keep your piece consistent so nothing will look darker or out of place than the rest of it :3 When you add shading, you'll want to make sure you try get it where the light isn't hitting so you may want to decide on a simple light source, don't worry it doesn't need to be perfect. Once you're happy with where you've put you're shading it's time for the next step!

Step 3: Right above your shading layer, you'll want a new layer, do the same  but this time set the mode to "Screen". Screen will make colors appear lighter and naturally becomes my choice for general high lights etc. Unlike shading, I don't use one color and it's because the purple doesn't look right to me so what I do is take the base color and use that, using the base color with screen active with give you the effect you see. You don't need to go mad with this, I tend to put a thin about of color where I think light be touching and add some random highlights if I want/need... shine is always fun though X3

Step 4: Ahh my fave part ~! FUN WITH OVERLAY <3 Again, new layer, clip, mode: Overlay and it's time to experiment a little hehe. Overlay is what I use to make a nice gradient look and whilst I shade everything else with the hard edge pencil tool, for this part I use the air brush and I LIGHTLY press a bit of color using it. The color choice varies, I tend to swap it about and experiment depending on the colors I've used. My only tip for this part is brush dark-ish colors in dark/unshaded areas and light-ish colors in highlighted/unshaded areas. What does overlay do? Not a damn clue but I like what I can do with it.

Hope this is of some help, if you use it, I'd love to see!

I also have a facebook page with sketches and more junk;

Examples where I've used this:

Dude they're starring by ZAFTs-Prince Lelouch by ZAFTs-Prince (<- same technique, I've just blurred the edges that's all)
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Tenshi3D Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
I do that too. I find it easy.😀
LegendofHearts Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Student Artist
Nice. oAo
ZAFTs-Prince Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LegendofHearts Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Student Artist
DragonPledge Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do my shading in a similar way, except I've never used Overlay before. I'll have to mess with that a bit ^^
ZAFTs-Prince Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love Overlay and using usually brings out the shading a little more, especially when I use it in places where it could be darker -- dID I MENTION RANDOM COLORS NGHHH, my images that have no green at all... secretly have green eve
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