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gifs all over my page ///


MYO Ragdrago
I won't lie - I'm lousy at making multiple designs ^^; So instead of offering predrawn adopts to buy and just going to leave this here. 

ALL the points from this are going towards Dragon-Chus

How to design you Ragdrago:
About Ragdrago's and designing them.First of all, I should talk about what Ragdrago's actually are. Basically there are Goats with Dragon like features as well as a couple of unique features which are a pair of stockings! Ragdrago's are a unique and closed species that belong to ZAFTs-Prince
Ragdrago's come in both genders and usually are pretty small unless they're really old in which case they're twice the size. They live off a diet of greenery but most have a taste for juicy fruits. No one knows where they originated from but then tend to kept hidden from the public eye and only reveal themselves to their own kind. Ragdrago's keep on going and growing in species size since they do have the ability to breed and like Dragon's - They lay eggs. 
The design basics: (These are all a must!)
- Ragdrago's are color coordinated! They have ear patterns, eye colors, tail tip, small horns and inside of their wings which are the same color (This can be any color of your choice)
- Some area's have patterns as well but this

DTA Ragdrago's: 2 CLOSED by ZAFTs-Prince : : R e a c h  f o r  t h e  s k i e s : : by ZAFTs-Prince  

- You may own up to THREE unless your the owner or co-owner of the species (Looking for co-owners btw)
- Do not breed them, they are breed-able but won't be open to do so unless the species takes off (And yes, you will be able to sell they babies yourself)
- Do not make one until I have accepted
- Do not copy some one else's design
- Do not resell it for more than 60 points




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